Weekly Devotions

Bible Reading Questions

Questions from Gen. 36-50
  1. Why did Josephs brothers hate him?
  2. Which one of the brothers tried to save Joseph?
  3. How did the brothers prove to Jacob that something bad happened to Joseph?
  4. How did Tamar prove who the father was of her unborn child?
  5. Who told Pharaoh about Joseph being in prison?
  6. When Joseph sent his brothers away, what did he tell them to bring back when they returned?
  7. What occupation was an abomination to the Egyptians?
  8. When Jacob blessed Josephs sons, what did he do that surprised Joseph?
  9. When Jacob blessed his sons, which one of the brothers received the scepter?
  10. How long did the Egyptians morn Jacob?
Challenge Question; What nation did Essau’s descendants become?
Questions from Exodus Ch. 1- 14
  1. What changed from the end of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus?
  2. When the daughter of Pharaoh found Moses, what did Miriam suggest she could do?
  3. How did God appear to Moses in the Midian desert?
  4. When Moses first met with Pharaoh, what instructions did Pharaoh give to his taskmasters?
  5. How old were Aaron and Moses when they met Pharaoh?
  6. Aaron stretched out his rod over the waters of Egypt and brought forth frogs, what did Pharaohs magicians do?
  7. The swarm of flies, what was unusual about them?
  8. The last plague was the passing over of the death angel, what kept him away?
  9. What was odd about the way God lead Israel out of Egypt?
  10. How many survivors were there of Pharaohs army that pursued Israel?

Challenge question; What was the first plague that Pharaohs’ magicians couldn’t recreate?

  Questions from Exodus Ch. 16 – 40
         1.What was the first hardship Israel ran into after the Red Sea incident?
  1. How much manna could each Israelite gather everyday but Friday and Saturday?
  2. What was Moses doing wrong that Jethrow his father-in-law gave him instruction on?
  3. Which one of the Ten Commandments has a reward of long life if a person does it?
  4. God said he would employ the use of hornets, for what use?
  5. What was engraved on the two onyx stones used on the High Priests ephod?
  6. Who was filled with the wisdom and knowledge to build the tabernacle?
  7. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets what was add about him?
  8. The ephod that Aaron wore had four rows of stones, what was in the second row?
  9. When Moses finished the Tabernacle what did God fill it with?

Challenge Question: What was engraved on the crown the High Priest wore?

Questions from the book of Leviticus

Chpt. 2  If a person offered a fruit offering what was specified that they NOT do?

Chpt. 4

  1. If the congregation of Israel sinned what was kind of animal was to be sacrificed?
  2. If a ruler sinned what kind of animal was to be sacrificed?
  3. If a common person sinned what kind of animal was to be sacrificed?


Chpt 6  God gave what commandment specifically concerning the fire of the altar?

Chpt. 8  Moses dipped his finger in the blood of the ram and put the blood where on Aaron the High Priest?

Chpt 10  Who offered strange fire on the altar of the Lord?

Chpt. 11  According to the Levitical Law could a Jew eat a swan?

Chpt 13 & 14  What do these chapters cover?

Chpt. 16  Aaron took two goats, one he sacrificed what did he do with the second?

Chpt. 17  What makes atonement for the soul?

Chpt. 19  How many years did a Jew have to wait to harvest a new fruit tree?

Chpt. 22  What was the big deal about a animal sacrificing having a cut bruise or broken bone?

Chpt. 25  What was commanded the Jews concerning the harvest of crops?

Chpt. 26  Name three things God would do for them if they served Him.

Chpt 27  A all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s: it is _______ _____ ______Lord.

Questions from the Book of Numbers

Num. 1

 What geographical location did God talk to Moses about the number of males of the congregation?

A male had to be how old to go to war?

All the tribes were numbered except one, which one wasn’t?

Num. 2

The entrance of the tabernacle was on the east side, which tribe is listed first on the east side?

Challenge question; What is the meaning of this tribe ?

Num. 3

What was the matrix?

What family was in charge of transporting the Ark of the Covenant?

Num. 4

From the tribe of Levi how old did the men need to be and how long did they serve?

When the Ark of the Covenant was transported what was it covered with?

Num. 5  What was the test of bitter water for?

Num. 9  When did the cloud by day and the fire by night start hanging over the tabernacle?

Num. 11  What was God so upset about the way the quail were being eaten?

Num. 12  Why did Miriam become leprous?

Num. 13-14  When the spies returned what happened that God wouldn’t take them on to the promise land?

What was the root issue in chapter 16?

Num. 17  What was different about Aarons rod?

Num. 20  Where did Aaron die?

Num. 21:5-6  In this book there are numerous examples of the Jews complaining, the results are not good. Would their needs have been met if they had approached God differently?  Yes or No

Num. 22

 Moab came at defeating Israel differently what was it?

Why did the donkey talk to Balaam?

Num. 24  What did Balaam do instead of cursing Israel?

Num. 25  How was the plague stayed?

Num. 31  What eventually happened to Balaam?

Num. 32  Who wanted the land of the Midianites on the east side of Jordon?

Num. 35  What were the 6 cities of refuge for?



 Finishing is what matters in Gods economy!
The end of the chapter of Proverbs 24 deals with the ways of the slothful. The writer says he sees a place broken down, covered in weeds and unfinished. Most of us have witnessed the very same thing in hundreds of areas. Things started that were never finished. Starting something is not near as important as finishing it. Some people are incredible at vision and creativity; they are great starters, but not always good finishers. If we were running a relay, than there is safety in being a starter. But if the thing requires both starting and finishing then we could be in trouble. Solomon stated he received instruction when he looked at the half finished wall. Proverbs 24:33 says a little sleep….a little folding of the hands. Things that are subtle, small, insignificant, not really important…..seemingly minor yet major!

                   Finishing is what matters in Gods economy!

 That is with the assumption that we have started this lifelong building project with Jesus. Jesus is said to be our author and FINISHER of our faith. If he has started this with you and I, then He has every intention of finishing this in us. But we have to participate in the building! How much are we giving Jesus to work with?



Thought: What qualities of a friend do we find most valuable? One statistic said if a man has one real good friend in a lifetime, he is blessed. We are social creatures craving to be liked and valued. Psalms chimes in and says in order to have friends we must show ourselves friendly. In today’s social media, a friend is one who signs on to our media account. But real friends are a gift from God. They are discrete, forgiving, attentive and available. Real friends will tell us when we are flaking, insensitive and even go so far to tell us we could be wrong. Often our response is to trade them in for someone less intrusive. But a true friend doesn’t get offended easily. Patience is a virtue because time will often reveal the end of a matter. If our friend is right, then we have two options. One is thank them for their insight and concern or dispose of them like a commodity that is more precious than gold. If you have such a friend, count yourself fortunate. What you do have is a friend in Jesus. He is not partial but loving and straight. He doesn’t play head games, or play favorites. He is said to stick closer than a brother. Abraham was a friend of God’s. That position is available if we make room for Jesus to be that one true friend. But true friendship is said to be a two way street….right?
Thought:   Altruistic is said to be unselfish, compassionate, kind, public-spirited, selfless, benevolent, philanthropic, beneficent, humanitarian, bounteous. Clearly anyone possessing these traits would be highly valued in any arena. Yet there is so much publicity of those that cheat, steal, lie and kill. Where would any of us be if there were not those who practice a spirit of compassion. Most of us can immediately put our finger on someone who exercised kindness and benevolence toward us. We seldom realize the impact of a smile, a helping hand, some charitable act of kindness or sacrifice.             

Luke 6:35  But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.                                                                                     Jesus always puts things in proper perspective!  If Luk 6:35  But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

 Jesus has been good to us, shouldn’t we be good to all others? No one will probably notice our heartfelt deeds of kindness, but Jesus never misses a thing and rewards us for it.

Thought:  Proverbs 4:7 states “Wisdom is the principal thing…..” The phrase; principal thing means…. the first in place, time, order or rank, as well as meaning…. beginnings and or chief. According to most Christians, there are many principal subject matters, faith, love, sacrifice, obedience and on and on. But in God’s word He says the principal thing is wisdom.  God also tells us that if we lack wisdom to ask Him for it and He will give wisdom liberally (a lot) James 1:5. God puts this much emphasis on wisdom and he dishes it out generously if we ask. Is it possible we could be missing out on something incredible, just because we simply failed to ask.


Bible Reading Answers

Answers for Exodus Ch. 1-14:

  1. A pharaoh rose that chose to afflict the Jews. Ex. 10
  2. Miriam suggested to find someone to nurse the child. Ex.2:7-8
  3. God spoke to Moses from a bush that wasn’t consumed. Ex. 3:4
  4. Pharaoh told his taskmasters to take away the straw for making bricks, but the Jews still had to keep up the quota of bricks.
  5. Moses was 80 years old and Aaron was 83. Ex. 7:7
  6. Pharaohs magicians did the same. Ex. 8:7
  7. The swarm of flies did not go into Goshen where the Jews lived. Ex. 8:22
  8. Blood on the door posts. Ex. 12:13
  9. God lead them through the way of the wilderness. Ex.13:18
  10. There were no survivors of Pharaohs army that went after Israel into the Red Sea. Ex. 14:28

Challenge Question: Pharaohs magicians could not recreate the lice. Ex. 8:18

Answers for  Genesis

  1. Jacobs favorite Gn. 37:4
  2. Rueben Gn. 37:21
  3. Bloody coat Gn. 37:32
  4. Judah’s staff, signet and bracelets. Gn. 38:18
  5. The butler Gn. 41:21
  6. Benjamin Gn. 42:34
  7. Shepherds Gn. 46:34
  8. Blessed the younger more than the older. Gn. 48:14
  9. Judah would always have the scepter. Gn. 49:10
  10. Egyptians mourned Jacob 70 days. Gn. 50:3

Challenge question:  Essau became Edom.  Gn. 36:8

 Answers for Leviticus:

Chpt. 2  The fruit was not to, be burnt on the altar. Lt. 2:12

Chpt. 4

  1. A bullock Lt. 4:14
  2. A male goat Lt. 4:23
  3. A female goat Lt.4:28


Chpt. 6  The altar fire was NEVER to go out!  Lt. 6:13

Chpt. 8  Moses put the blood on Aaron’s right ear, his right thumb and his right big toe.  Lt 8:23

Chpt. 10  Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire on the altar.  Lt. 10:1

Chpt. 11  NO  Lt. 11:13-18

Chpt. 13 & 14  Leprosy  Lt. 13 & 14

Chpt. 16  The second is refered to the “scape goat” Aaron pronounced all the sins of Israel and it was lead into the wilderness and set free.  Lt. 16:21-22

Chpt. 17  The Blood  Lt.17:11

Chpt. 19  3 Years  Lt. 19:23-24

Chpt. 22  The sacrifices had to be perfect, otherwise we would give something to God that costs us little. 22:24

Chpt 25  Every seventh year the land had to rest. Lt. 25:4

Chpt. 26  abundant rain, abundant crops, peace in the land, victory over enemies, multiply, God’s tabernacle would be among them, God would walk among them.

Chpt. “it is Holy unto the Lord”

Answers for Numbers:

Num. 1

 The wilderness of Sinai   Num. 1:1

20 years old   Num. 1:3

 Levi   Num. 1:49

Num. 2

Judah   Num. 2:3

Num. 3

The first born male of the womb   Num.3:11

 Kohath  Num. 3:31

Num. 4

 30 years old and they served till they were 50  Num. 4:3

 Covering vial that stood between the Holy Place and Holy of Holies   Num.4:5

Num. 5   Jealous husband who thought his wife was unfaithful   Num. 5:27-28

Num. 9   When the tabernacle was finished   Num. 9:15

Num. 11  The mixed multitude lusted after it.   Num. 11:33-34

Num. 12    She opposed Moses concerning his wife.  Num. 12:1-2 and 9-10

Num. 13-14    The people believed the evil report of the 10 spies, rebelled against God and Moses, and then tried to go in without God leading them.

Num. 16   Rebellion to authority

Num. 17   The rod budded and bloomed blossoms and yielded almonds  Num.17:8

Num. 20  On Mount Hor   Num. 20:28

Num. 21:5-6    Yes or No    Yes!

Num. 22

 Trying to get Balaam to curse them   Num. 22:9-12

The donkey asked if he had ever disobeyed Balaam, the reason was an angel was there with a sword to kill Balaam.  Num.22:30-31

Num. 24   He prophesied blessings over them.   Num.24:5-9 and 17-24

Num. 25  Phinehas the priest ran his sword thru an Israelite man and a Midianite woman that were coupled.  Num. 25

Num. 31  He was killed along with the Midianite kings   Num. 31:8

Num. 32  Rueben and Gad   Num. 32:1-5

Num. 35   In case someone killed someone else by accident, they were safe till they could be judged.  Num.35:15