Bible Reading Answers

Answers for Exodus Ch. 1-14:

  1. A pharaoh rose that chose to afflict the Jews. Ex. 10
  2. Miriam suggested to find someone to nurse the child. Ex.2:7-8
  3. God spoke to Moses from a bush that wasn’t consumed. Ex. 3:4
  4. Pharaoh told his taskmasters to take away the straw for making bricks, but the Jews still had to keep up the quota of bricks.
  5. Moses was 80 years old and Aaron was 83. Ex. 7:7
  6. Pharaohs magicians did the same. Ex. 8:7
  7. The swarm of flies did not go into Goshen where the Jews lived. Ex. 8:22
  8. Blood on the door posts. Ex. 12:13
  9. God lead them through the way of the wilderness. Ex.13:18
  10. There were no survivors of Pharaohs army that went after Israel into the Red Sea. Ex. 14:28

Challenge Question: Pharaohs magicians could not recreate the lice. Ex. 8:18

Answers for  Genesis

  1. Jacobs favorite Gn. 37:4
  2. Rueben Gn. 37:21
  3. Bloody coat Gn. 37:32
  4. Judah’s staff, signet and bracelets. Gn. 38:18
  5. The butler Gn. 41:21
  6. Benjamin Gn. 42:34
  7. Shepherds Gn. 46:34
  8. Blessed the younger more than the older. Gn. 48:14
  9. Judah would always have the scepter. Gn. 49:10
  10. Egyptians mourned Jacob 70 days. Gn. 50:3

Challenge question:  Essau became Edom.  Gn. 36:8

 Answers for Leviticus:

Chpt. 2  The fruit was not to, be burnt on the altar. Lt. 2:12

Chpt. 4

  1. A bullock Lt. 4:14
  2. A male goat Lt. 4:23
  3. A female goat Lt.4:28


Chpt. 6  The altar fire was NEVER to go out!  Lt. 6:13

Chpt. 8  Moses put the blood on Aaron’s right ear, his right thumb and his right big toe.  Lt 8:23

Chpt. 10  Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire on the altar.  Lt. 10:1

Chpt. 11  NO  Lt. 11:13-18

Chpt. 13 & 14  Leprosy  Lt. 13 & 14

Chpt. 16  The second is refered to the “scape goat” Aaron pronounced all the sins of Israel and it was lead into the wilderness and set free.  Lt. 16:21-22

Chpt. 17  The Blood  Lt.17:11

Chpt. 19  3 Years  Lt. 19:23-24

Chpt. 22  The sacrifices had to be perfect, otherwise we would give something to God that costs us little. 22:24

Chpt 25  Every seventh year the land had to rest. Lt. 25:4

Chpt. 26  abundant rain, abundant crops, peace in the land, victory over enemies, multiply, God’s tabernacle would be among them, God would walk among them.

Chpt. “it is Holy unto the Lord”

Answers for Numbers:

Num. 1

 The wilderness of Sinai   Num. 1:1

20 years old   Num. 1:3

 Levi   Num. 1:49

Num. 2

Judah   Num. 2:3

Num. 3

The first born male of the womb   Num.3:11

 Kohath  Num. 3:31

Num. 4

 30 years old and they served till they were 50  Num. 4:3

 Covering vial that stood between the Holy Place and Holy of Holies   Num.4:5

Num. 5   Jealous husband who thought his wife was unfaithful   Num. 5:27-28

Num. 9   When the tabernacle was finished   Num. 9:15

Num. 11  The mixed multitude lusted after it.   Num. 11:33-34

Num. 12    She opposed Moses concerning his wife.  Num. 12:1-2 and 9-10

Num. 13-14    The people believed the evil report of the 10 spies, rebelled against God and Moses, and then tried to go in without God leading them.

Num. 16   Rebellion to authority

Num. 17   The rod budded and bloomed blossoms and yielded almonds  Num.17:8

Num. 20  On Mount Hor   Num. 20:28

Num. 21:5-6    Yes or No    Yes!

Num. 22

 Trying to get Balaam to curse them   Num. 22:9-12

The donkey asked if he had ever disobeyed Balaam, the reason was an angel was there with a sword to kill Balaam.  Num.22:30-31

Num. 24   He prophesied blessings over them.   Num.24:5-9 and 17-24

Num. 25  Phinehas the priest ran his sword thru an Israelite man and a Midianite woman that were coupled.  Num. 25

Num. 31  He was killed along with the Midianite kings   Num. 31:8

Num. 32  Rueben and Gad   Num. 32:1-5

Num. 35   In case someone killed someone else by accident, they were safe till they could be judged.  Num.35:15